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Quran Kareem Quran Pak Full Quran mp3

Quran kareem - Quran Kareem Quran Pak Full Quran mp3

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Quran kareem,
  1. Surah Al-Inshirah ash-Sharh The Expansion of Breast, Solace, Consolation, Relief, Patient, The Opening-Up of the Heart
  2. Surah Ash-Shura ash-ashooraa The Consultation
  3. Surah Al-Ahqaf al-aHqaaf Winding Sand-tracts, The Dunes, The Sand-Dunes
  4. Surah An-Nur an-Noor The Light
  5. Surah An-Naml an-Naml The Ant, The Ants
  6. 92 Surah Al-Lail al-Lail The Night
  7. Surah Al-Mu'minoon al-Mu'minoon The Believers
  8. Surah Al-Anbiya' al-Anbiyaa' The Prophets
  9. Surah Al-Inshiqaq al-Inshiqaaq The Rending Asunder, The Sundering, Splitting Open, The Splitting Asunder
  10. Surah Ad-Dhuha ad-DuHaa The Glorious Morning Light, The Forenoon, Morning Hours, Morning Bright, The Bright Morning Hours
  11. Surah al-`Alaq al-`Alaq The Clinging Clot, Clot of Blood, The Germ-Cell
  12. Surah Al-Fajr al-Fajr The Break of Day, The Daybreak, The Dawn
  13. Surah Az-Zukhruf az-Zukhruf The Gold Adornments, The Ornaments of Gold, Luxury, Gold
  14. Surah Al-Hashr al-Hashr The Mustering, The Gathering, Exile, Banishment
  15. Surah Al-Infitar al-infiTaar The Cleaving Asunder, Bursting Apart
  16. Surah An-Nasr an-naSr The Help, Divine Support, Victory, Succour
  17. Surah Al-Kafiroun al-Kaafiroon The Disbelievers, The Kafirs, Those Who Deny the Truth
  18. Surah Al-Mujadilah al-Mujaadilah The Pleading, The Pleading Woman
  19. Surah Al-Burooj al-Burooj The Mansions Of The Stars, Constellations, The Great Constellations
  20. Surah Al-Haqqah al-Haaqqah The Sure Reality, The Laying-Bare of the Truth
  21. Surah At-Tur aT-Toor The Mount, Mount Sinai
  22. Surah Al-Furqan al-Furqaan The Criterion, The Standard, The Standard of True and False
  23. Surah An-Najm an-Najm The Star, The Unfolding
  24. Surah ash-Shu`ara' ash-shu`araa' The Poets
  25. Surah Al-Kawthar al-Kauthar Abundance, Plenty, Good in Abundance

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