Even though performance budgeting does not have a long track record, it is possible to review the budgeting literature and the implementation efforts to help clarify the theory behind it and learn from what other states have done. The following conclusions budget car hire usa are drawn from that review.

1. Legislators must determine whether they uk budget breakdown want to hold agencies accountable for what they spend or what they achieve. They must also decide if they want to focus primarily on changes to the base budget or regularly review current spending as well as requests for changes.

2. Performance budgeting is a tool uk budget 2017 date that can improve accountability in the use of public resources. To date, it has not been uk budget pie chart a good tool for improving efficiency in the use of public resources.

3. If a state is to implement government budget uk performance budgeting successfully, a key decision maker in the budget process —either the governor or a leader in the House or Senate—must take a strong advocacy role in promoting the change.

4. There should be widespread agreement uk government budget 2018 among decision makers on the objectives they wish programs to achieve.

5. Performance measures should be carefully budget uk 2017-2018 defined to accurately capture outcomes due to program activities.

6. Sufficient technical and staff resources should be devoted to initial training uk budget autumn 2017-2018 and ongoing maintenance of the system.

7. Performance measures should be independently validated on a regular basis.

8. Careful planning should limit the number of performance measures to a small set of well-crafted indicators.

9. If they want agencies to take performance monitoring and reporting seriously, legislators must demonstrate that they take it seriously.

10. It should be acknowledged that performance budgeting, or any other so-called “rational” budgeting system, provides only part of the information policy makers use to allocate funds among competing needs.

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