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Ameriplan Consumer Protection Starts With Phone

Ameriplan Consumer Protection Starts With Phone


As more and more big companies, school districts and other municipals are forced to cut healthcare and retirement benefits, it will be up to the consumer to find cost cutting measures. This is one of the reasons that Consumer Driven Healthcare like Ameriplan is experiencing a huge growth market.

If your car has a problem, you call different auto repair shops and compare prices regarding the problem. However, many people don’t call about their dental costs, or doctor’s expenses, because they assume all healthcare prices are set by some standard. Not True! Doctors set their own prices. However, Ameriplan, a company in business since 1992, is helping consumers obtain cost savings on health and dental procedures.

Most insurance dental plans have a cap of $1000.00 per year, and today, that won’t even cover a root canal. Outlined in this updated 2005 document, at you can see where traditional dental insurance is lacking. This problem with current dental insurance is another reason people turn to AmeriplanUSA. Ameriplan has no waiting periods.Anabolic & Androgenic Effects Of Steroids

Dentists and doctors do not publish their prices, and they charge a higher rate for those with no coverage. If you don't believe me, pick up the best selling book called The New Health Insurance Solution. In this book the best selling author, Paul Zane Pilzer, writes on page 8, that doctors typically charge from 150 to 500 percent more for uninsured clients. Ameriplan is not insurance, but it does give you the purchasing power of discounted rates offered to insured clients, but at a much lower monthly rate than traditional insurance.An Ounce Of Prevention Is Worth A Pound Of Cure

We as consumers need to push for legislation to make price comparisons easier for the consumer. Just calling and asking “How much is an office visit” may not get you the correct answer, because as in the Dental Code examples below, these two items are both office visits. To compare actual prices, one needs to use the Dental Procedure Codes. That’s why we need legislation. These codes are not available to the general public.

D0150 Comprehensive oral Evaluation
D0140 Limited Oral EvaluationAn Ounce Of Preparation Is Worth A Pound Of Cure
After days of research and my wife, Gina’s web know how, I found common dental procedure codes. We listed them at and you can use them to compare your dental costs today.