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Answering Your Primary Questions About ACCA ...

Can I enter the study at work / other responsibilities?

Our program is designed so that students can study on show day or afternoon afternoon / day a week so students can flexibly work in the world.

FREE ACCA STUDY MATERAILS We offer ACCA courses to our Newport City and Cardiff campus.

See brochure for the complete program.

What are the entry requirements?

Students must have two levels A and three GCSEs in five different subjects such as English and Mathematics, or equivalent. Students who do not have the minimum requirements can be eligible for foundations in accounting.

Have AAT / CAT Studied / Having a Degree in a Relevant Subject - Has I Released From All Newspapers?

Holders of accounting and auditing qualifications may apply for ACCA Exceptions. For example, AAT or Qualification Holders ACCA Knowledge Papers F1-F3 are excluded.

What assessments / tests do you have?

Students must complete (or exceptionally) 14 ACCA examinations.

All external documents are tested at 100%.

The internal level documents Sketch Fundamentals in Newport City Campus rated 30% of the courses and 70% after the test.

To get the ACCA ACCA qualification you need to have three years of industry experience and complete some performance goals, taking into account (Accas "Practical Experience Requirements"). It is also required to fill out a professional ethical on-line form.
What qualifications do I get this course?

After completing all ACCA qualifying items to use ACCA letters after your name, you will be a chartered accountant, an ACCA member and condition.

How much?


2016/17 registration fees for the card is as follows:

  • F1-F3: £ 420 for paper
  • F4-F9: £ 505 for paper
  • P cards: € 535 for paper

In addition, students must be an ACCA member, FREE ACCA BOOKS DOWNLOAD to study and enter the exams. Initial registration is £ 79, with an annual fee of £ 85


There is also a paper charge / paper test of between £ 76 and £ 116 (depending on the card) *

* Expenses correctly May 2016


Can I study ACCA full time or part-time?

All ACCA documents studied on a part-time basis. It is recommended that you study up to two cards.


Which lesson can I apply for the course?

Although not indispensable, it is advisable for students to start winning their 36 months of practical experience during their studies. For more information on practical experience with ACCA here.


Is there any funding?

Unfortunately, no less than your personal situation means you qualify for financial aid. Note Student Money Pages.


Will I have an interview for the course?

Interviews are not held for the ACCA course, but you must be a student member of ACCA.


What is the structure of the course and can I study the cards in any order?


The ACCA qualification cards to be inserted modularly. FREE ACCA BOOKS DOWNLOAD PDF Cards are grouped into the following three ACCA modules:

  • Knowledge of the module (Papers F1-F3)
  • Module Capacity (Papers F4-F9)
  • Professional Module (Fundamentals P1-P3 and P4-P7 Option Cards)

You can try the cards in each form in any order. If the control position lets you go look for the modules, enter the controls you are in to your current module if you want to enter the next module. For example, if you have passed the F1-F8 tests, if you want to sit P1 you need to book F9 wide on the same test. More information can be found on the ACCA website.


Students must be aware of each ACCA Collision Examination Terminal when choosing their documents. For more information on the ACCA website.


How do I know if I have the right to exemptions?Further details, including ACCA’s exemption database can be found on the ACCA website.





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