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2017 Level I Volumes 1 to 6 CFA Program Curriculum - FREE CFA STUDY MATERIALS

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2017 Level I Volumes 1 to 6 CFA Program Curriculum - FREE CFA STUDY MATERIALS

2017 Level I Volumes 1 to 6 CFA Program Curriculum - FREE CFA STUDY MATERIALS
Eligible Expenses
Eligible costs that may be covered by a grant include direct costs incurred only for the
development and delivery of a regionally-based tourism marketing project and must not include

organizational costs that would have otherwise been incurred by the applicant (e.g. finance,
office related and/ or operational costs).

In general, eligible tourism marketing costs include, but are not limited to, the following:
• purchase of recognized media advertising;
• production costs of print collateral and/or audio/visual;
• licensing/talent fees to ensure ownership of finished product;
• tourism center marketing costs (e.g. displays, updates, etc.);
• website design / updates;
• food products distributed as promotional giveaways (not including alcohol of any type);
• eligible travel costs approved by the Division of Tourism; and
• administrative costs* up to a maximum of 10 percent (10%) of the total project cost as
approved by ESD. (*Administrative costs are defined as staff costs to execute the
project/grant program only and must be demonstrated at the time that reimbursement is
requested through payroll journals, cashed payroll checks and other sources deemed
appropriate by ESD. These costs are not meant to include any general overhead costs
of everyday business.)

Applicants must demonstrate how Market New York funding for these expenses will be used to
support the desired outcome of their enhancement project, and how these expenses are
expected to stimulate increased tourist visitation and spending to the corresponding region of
New York State.

Ineligible Expenses
Ineligible expenses include, but are not limited to, the following:
• food and / or beverages for consumption, including alcoholic beverages;
• legal fees and / or membership fees;
• salaries, wages and / or staff time (outside of the 10% administrative cost);
• fringe benefits (such as health insurance, retirement benefits and other non-mandated
• expenses reimbursed from any other source or agency;
• capital expenditures (e.g. equipment, hardware, vehicles, computers, etc.);
• operational expenditures (e.g. rent, utilities, etc.); and
• other expenses deemed ineligible by ESD.

For these purposes, “capital expenditures” are defined as: funds spent to acquire/upgrade
physical non-consumable fixed assets in order to maintain or increase the scope of operations.
(e.g. property, renovations/upgrades, building construction, long term assets, etc.)

Required Match
ESD generally seeks to provide no more than seventy-five percent (75%) of the financing for
Regional Tourism Marketing projects. An actual cash match of at least 25% of the total
project cost is required. In-kind matches and/or staff CFA STUDY MATERAILS time are not eligible for the match
requirement. Additionally, funds from any other state agency (including I LOVE NY Matching
Funds and the ESD Fund) are ineligible to be used for the match. Match Example: A $200,000
total project cost requires a $50,000 minimum match, regardless of the amount of grant being
requested, with no more than $150,000 being requested as a grant.

Payment Process
The grantee will receive an Award Letter after the grants have been announced. After that time,
the grantee will then receive an Incentive Proposal outlining the requirements of the grant
program and what is expected of the grantee if they choose to accept the grant. The project will
then be brought before the ESD Board of Directors for approval. If approval is received, the
grantee will be required to enter into a contract (Grant Disbursement Agreement/GDA) with
ESD, which will be sent to the grantee after Board approval. ESD will pay the grantee on a
reimbursement basis, up to the total award amount. Reimbursement forms and requirements
will be included in the GDA. No financial payment of the grant will be made upfront. The
grantee should be prepared to subsidize the project for a term of up to 6 months. Please
note that awarded grants are not transferable and reimbursement payments may only be made
to the awardee.

Expenses incurred prior to the award of a CFA grant may FREE ACCOUNTING BOOKS not be included in CFA project
budgets; additionally expenses incurred after submission of a CFA but prior to an award
announcement are not eligible for reimbursement. The Regional Tourism Marketing contract
and work period will run through December 2017 unless a reasonable explanation is provided to
extend the marketing project timeline.

There are no fees associated with the Regional Tourism Marketing funding.

Requirements for progress reports and requests for reimbursement will be outlined with
successful awardees in the GDA, and may be submitted no more than monthly and.
Reimbursements are eligible for request after the successful grantee has a signed/approved
grant disbursement agreement (GDA). Please note all Grants Gateway accounts and MWBE
requirements must be up to date in order for payments to be processed for non-profit

Regional Tourism Capital

Applications will be accepted for projects that include plans to expand, construct, restore or
renovate New York State tourism destinations and attractions. Applicants must demonstrate
how the tourism capital project will work EXAM PREPARATION & TUTORING to promote and forward the tourism goals of the
corresponding REDC’s strategic plan.

The goal of proposed projects should be to increase visitation and demonstrate a positive
economic impact especially by enhancing the visitors’ experience and increasing their likelihood
to advocate for New York State as a travel destination. Successful tourism marketing projects
will complement the goals and strategies of FREE CFA BOOKS DOWNLOAD PDF I LOVE NY, namely to increase New York State the
top destination choice for travelers, and particularly families looking to create meaning
memories, and millennials/ double income couples without children. Achievement of these goals
will be demonstrated by an increased interest in a NYS vacation, particularly by families and
millennials/ double income couples without children; a broader awareness of all New York State
has to offer; increases in room nights, visitor frequency and length of stay; higher level of
engagement in social and digital channels, especially FREE CFA STUDY MATERIALS by family members and millennials/
double income couples without children; and greater visibility in relevant press (e.g. family
magazines, outdoor publications, etc.). New York State will implement strategies to achieve

these goals including television, digital, out-of-home and other advertising, activations at live
events, international marketing, public relations efforts, social media engagement and others2017 Level I Volumes 1 to 6 CFA Program Curriculum - FREE CFA STUDY MATERIALS

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