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Graduation? Already at work? Leaving school? FREE ACCA BOOKS DOWNLOAD Looking for ACCA basic or vocational training in Kepong and Kuala Lumpur (KL)? You are looking for skills that count, only one of the reasons ACCA is proud to create capacity-based and application-based opportunities. Regardless of the type of diploma or place around the world, ACCA does not give you the right starting point to go on a path to qualifying. Equip yourself with a respected employer qualification around the world, and the skills that help ensure that you are fit for business.

Reasons for ACCA


  1. I) recognition worldwide

ACCA has gained a strong worldwide recognition by building relationships with influential organizations, including:

* Local and multinational companies

* Accounting

* Educational institutions

* Governments

* Units such as the United Nations and the World Bank.

Li) really global

ACCA is the only true global accounting qualification with members in 170 countries. It is a global program that records the needs of industry and employers.

(Ii) the state of the work

Worldwide understands and respects the ACCA employer and qualifying partner. In addition, ACCA members asked to meet their financial and accounting knowledge around the world.

Iv) Costs

ACCA is a cost effective and efficient way, knowledge and professionalism to achieve. FREE ACCA BOOKS PDF Candidates not only acquire skills in finance and accounting, but also gain precious skills in organizational management and strategy. Therefore, it increases employee job opportunities and reduces training costs by the employer. Also, the cost is simply around RM 20,000 to complete all ACCA lessons in three and a half years when individuals pass all papers smoothly.

  1. V) flexibly

ACCA qualification has flexible access requirements and offers flexible study options that allow you to plan your business requirements studies. Individuals can study full time or even part-time while studying work.FREE ACCA STUDY MATERAILS

  1. WE) saving time

Of course ACCA is not so long as a college or college study. It takes about two and a half years to complete the entire process, which includes a degree and a professional qualification.

Vii) Practical experience

One of the requirements of the ACCA program is hands-on experience, because ACCA recognizes that employers need more attention to individual work performance.

The ACCA is one of the world's leading professional accounting organizations with nearly 450,000 associates and associate students in more than 170 countries. ACCA members work in public practice, industry, commerce and the private sector. Internationally recognized ACCA qualification is a traditional tool for professional status - as successful students can use "ACCA" letters after their names.ACCA qualification is the fastest growing accounting qualification in the world and the United Kingdom is one of the recognized accounting requirements for business purposes.FREE ACCA BOOKS DOWNLOAD PDF I want to find another degree courseWithin the ACCA is a strong focus on professional values, ethics and governance skills that are crucial as the accounting profession focuses on improved code of conduct, regulation and legislation, with increasing attention to professionalism and ethics in the matter Of accounting.All that the employer needs, the ability to apply the learning and build your practical experience. And there is no reason for you to take the time to attend college to study auditing









I want to be a financial expert who can advise the organization on risk assessment, business consulting, financial hedging techniques, internal control issues and business analysis. I want to be a member of the ACCA Professional Association

The professional level is divided into two modules. Foundations and Options.FREE ACCA BOOKS PDF Both professional-level modules were set at the same level as a master.

This level is based on the technical knowledge you already have. It will also explore advanced professional skills, techniques and values. These are needed at the top of the reviewers working in an advisory or advisory role.

All students must pass the three documents in the Essentials form. The optional module contains four cards, but you only need two fillings.


P4 Advanced Financial Management

Advanced Performance P5 Manager

Advanced P6 Taxation

P7 Advanced Audit and Assurance

Something went wrong with the optional cards and ACCA in search of support for further learning. Meanwhile, here's what Beckers supervisors suggest that they only accept with the dreaded P-carte.FREE ACCA BOOKS DOWNLOAD

  • We expect the "P" level to have the opportunity to apply your knowledge throughout the life tester tester problems with case studies. You need to develop these higher skills to use and analyze the performance of past exam questions. FREE ACCA STUDY MATERAILS Also read a lot to improve your knowledge of real business - quality papers and technical articles are highly recommended.
  • If possible, just select your character's card in the underlying "F" -Pegelpapier was good (60% +), and I love the subject.
  • Understand how the examiner thinks. This means we work with all the latest test questions on test conditions and read articles and reports from audit teams.
  • A clear and structured presentation is vital for professional responses. If you produce an unstructured jungle in irrelevant discussion and migration discussions, so little credit is granted and you probably lose the four trade marks.
  • In numerical questions, you make it easy to mark script - FREE ACCA BOOKS DOWNLOAD PDF put your approach to needs and put a short comment between your steps.
  • It is essential to understand the meaning of the verb in the request (to judge, discuss, etc.) and to make sure that your answer follows the requirements of the faithful.
  • After trying a past exam questions, analyze your answer; Compare with the proposed solution to think if your answer is well-planned and adds value. References to the situation? And you read the researcher's report on this topic.
  • Do not leave your studies at the last minute - adequately prepared resources for at least six weeks (evening and weekend) of solid work, perhaps eight. Finally, two sample tests mock under test conditions; It is marked by a supervisor who can give feedback. So you can learn from your own mistakes.






ACCA qualification PROGRAM

To obtain the ACCA qualification, complete in English, divided into two phases 14 exams: Fundamentals (Knowledge Forms and Module Competences) and Professional. In addition, you are required to complete the online "Professional Ethics Module" FREE ACCA BOOKS DOWNLOAD course and to complete three years of practical experience (to achieve 13 performance goals).


ACCA qualification level


LEVEL Fundamentals is divided into two modules - Knowledge and skills.FREE ACCA BOOKS PDF This phase includes the information that the technical-accounting auditors know. After graduation, students are qualified accountants and get Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business.


  • Knowledge (F1-F3)

 introduces students to key areas of financial and accounting management. This provides the platform from which the other technical accounting areas are examined in the nearest competence module.

  • Capacity (F4-F9)

contains six subjects covering the main technical areas including every accountant - has been expected - regardless of his future career aspirations. They include law, performance management, taxation, accounting, auditing and financial management.



Professional level - in Essentials two modules (P1-P3)

 and options (P4-P7)

 are divided. Both modules were placed at an intellectual level that corresponds to what was expected of a student who graduated from a master. The focus of the study program at this level is to build on the already acquired professional skills and to explore more professional skills, techniques and values ​​required to function as a consultative or consultative function to the highest level of professional accountants.



  • Essentials (P1 - P3)

will teach you the advanced technical skills, techniques and values ​​that you should play as a commercialist in a consultancy or consultancy role of a high level. The form consists of three documents, all of which are evaluated by a THREE-HOUR paper test.

  • OPTIONS (P4 - P7)

 contains four cards. These are directly supported and supported by an equivalent level of core competence module. Students select two of the four card options and advise to choose the options that relate to their chosen field or expected work.


The list of ACCA qualification tests


Below is a brief description of every 14 ACCA exams, you need to sit and go. Subjects P4 - P7 must choose two of them.


ACCA Professional Level Course (P1-P3)

This programmed is part of the second level of the ACCA (Association of Doctorate Professionals) qualification. Pinter offer this program to improve student knowledge and skills in accounting. It is necessary that students should be well-equipped with the right knowledge that most of the questions are based on experiments on solid business cases. The faculty that will teach you these three cards are well-known trainers in Malaysia. They have more than 10 years of teaching experience and have a very large capacity rate for such documents. The professional level is divided into two modules - Essentials (P1-P3) and options (P4-P7). FREE ACCA STUDY MATERAILS Both modules were placed at an intellectual level that corresponds to what was expected of a student who graduated from a master. The focus of the curriculum at this level is to build on the technical skills already acquired and explore advanced professional skills, techniques and values ​​required for the work environment in a consulting firm or a consultancy function for a high level professional accounting. All students must complete the three documents in the Essentials form. The optional module contains four cards. These are directly supported and supported by a corresponding amount in the Fundamentals Skills Module. These tests evaluate the most advanced and sophisticated techniques that have a professional need to specialize in specific work areas or to pursue a career path in an advisory or advisory role.FREE ACCA BOOKS DOWNLOAD PDF Students select two of the four card options and advise to choose the options that relate to their chosen field or expected work. For more information on professional ACCA charts, visit the official ACCA website:


Professional ACCA (P) Level Top Trainers:

A P1 FREE ACCA BOOKS PDF Governance, Risk and Ethics -. Sanjeetha Sidhu woman (who also teaches ACCA F4 corporate and commercial law at the College Pintar)

  1. P2 Corporate Reporting - Mr. Jigsaw
  2. P3 Business Analysis - Mr. Francis Pularendran

(P1 - P3) Of course now ACCA Professional Level Is Available Pintar College! Click ACCA Level Professional Free Download Program to download the road map for ACCA P1-P3.






Answering Your Primary Questions About ACCA ...

Can I enter the study at work / other responsibilities?

Our program is designed so that students can study on show day or afternoon afternoon / day a week so students can flexibly work in the world.

FREE ACCA STUDY MATERAILS We offer ACCA courses to our Newport City and Cardiff campus.

See brochure for the complete program.

What are the entry requirements?

Students must have two levels A and three GCSEs in five different subjects such as English and Mathematics, or equivalent. Students who do not have the minimum requirements can be eligible for foundations in accounting.

Have AAT / CAT Studied / Having a Degree in a Relevant Subject - Has I Released From All Newspapers?

Holders of accounting and auditing qualifications may apply for ACCA Exceptions. For example, AAT or Qualification Holders ACCA Knowledge Papers F1-F3 are excluded.

What assessments / tests do you have?

Students must complete (or exceptionally) 14 ACCA examinations.

All external documents are tested at 100%.

The internal level documents Sketch Fundamentals in Newport City Campus rated 30% of the courses and 70% after the test.

To get the ACCA ACCA qualification you need to have three years of industry experience and complete some performance goals, taking into account (Accas "Practical Experience Requirements"). It is also required to fill out a professional ethical on-line form.
What qualifications do I get this course?

After completing all ACCA qualifying items to use ACCA letters after your name, you will be a chartered accountant, an ACCA member and condition.

How much?


2016/17 registration fees for the card is as follows:

  • F1-F3: £ 420 for paper
  • F4-F9: £ 505 for paper
  • P cards: € 535 for paper

In addition, students must be an ACCA member, FREE ACCA BOOKS DOWNLOAD to study and enter the exams. Initial registration is £ 79, with an annual fee of £ 85


There is also a paper charge / paper test of between £ 76 and £ 116 (depending on the card) *

* Expenses correctly May 2016


Can I study ACCA full time or part-time?

All ACCA documents studied on a part-time basis. It is recommended that you study up to two cards.


Which lesson can I apply for the course?

Although not indispensable, it is advisable for students to start winning their 36 months of practical experience during their studies. For more information on practical experience with ACCA here.


Is there any funding?

Unfortunately, no less than your personal situation means you qualify for financial aid. Note Student Money Pages.


Will I have an interview for the course?

Interviews are not held for the ACCA course, but you must be a student member of ACCA.


What is the structure of the course and can I study the cards in any order?


The ACCA qualification cards to be inserted modularly. FREE ACCA BOOKS DOWNLOAD PDF Cards are grouped into the following three ACCA modules:

  • Knowledge of the module (Papers F1-F3)
  • Module Capacity (Papers F4-F9)
  • Professional Module (Fundamentals P1-P3 and P4-P7 Option Cards)

You can try the cards in each form in any order. If the control position lets you go look for the modules, enter the controls you are in to your current module if you want to enter the next module. For example, if you have passed the F1-F8 tests, if you want to sit P1 you need to book F9 wide on the same test. More information can be found on the ACCA website.


Students must be aware of each ACCA Collision Examination Terminal when choosing their documents. For more information on the ACCA website.


How do I know if I have the right to exemptions?Further details, including ACCA’s exemption database can be found on the ACCA website.





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